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My name is Heidi and I currently live in beautiful Astoria, Oregon. Pacific Patina was created when I lived in the equally gorgeous Kodiak, Alaska.


I have been making jewelry and other handcrafts ever since I was a young girl. I enjoyed sewing, took an interest in weaving, but I immediately fell in love with beads and have been in that relationship for over 30 years now.

Fishing the Buskin River

Kodiak, Alaska 2012

I am a life-long learner who strongly believes in the importance and value of being flexible. I have enjoyed so many different teaching and learning opportunities in the many places I have been fortunate to live.


When in Kodiak I found great artistic inspiration when I discovered sea glass and sea pottery. The western US oceans and beaches are also a childhood love I have never let go.

Above: Jewel Beach in Kodiak, Alaska - Summer Below: Jewel Beach in Kodiak, Alaska - Winter

When it comes to my most recent addiction, kumihimo, I love being part of passing on and maintaining an ancient tradition.

Unfortunately, my most recent relocation from California to Oregon forced me to downsize significantly. My studio space and supplies are presently boxed up in my garage. However, I am still as active as I can be with my website and yearn for the day I can unbox my tools!

If you are interested in joining a wonderful Facebook group to learn more about kumihimo, Sonia Davis and I would love to have you in KND! You can click the banner below to open Facebook in a new tab.

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