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The Original Beaded Kumihimo Pattern Maker Software!

Have you ever wanted to create a custom bead pattern with your Kumihimo?

Have you ever wanted to know where beads sit in the braid depending on which element they are loaded?

Now you can do both and quickly and easily!

Pacific Patina has created the first Eight Element Beaded Kongo Gumi Pattern Maker Software (BKG Pattern Maker). Easily "paint" the braid chart to create a pattern and with just a simple click of your mouse you can translate the pattern from the braid chart to a loading chart!

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Featured in the Bead & Button Magazine

May 2016 Kumihimo Special Issue!

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Guillermina S. on Jul 28, 2015

"The program is great. It took me awhile to fully understand it. I met Heidi and asked her questions. She answered my questions and after that I took off running and have designed several different patterns using the program. Heidi's customer service is great. I definitely recommend this program and Heidi."


Reviewed by Tiffany L. on Jun 22, 2015

"I love this pattern maker! Making my own designs now!"


Reviewed by Donna W. on Jun 15, 2015

"Very interesting one of a kind product. This will help me design lots of new patterns. Easy to use. Thanks."


Reviewed by Lana K. on Mar 27, 2015

"I am enjoying learning and working with this software. Heidi was very helful, guiding me through the set up process until I was fully up and running. Potential for new braid patterns seems endless with this tool!"


Reviewed by Margaret S. on Dec 31, 2014

"I have been very pleased with this product and am enjoying it very much. I am also impressed with its creator, Heidi Sather, who has been extremely prompt, patient, and helpful when I have e-mailed her with questions and concerns. She really knows her product and I believe wants everyone who purchases it to be able to enjoy it and use it comfortably. So far I have designed 2 necklaces, one of which I have completed. I was able to transition between dotted and spiral segments quite easily with sharp definition between each area. Being a bit of a skeptic usually about things I can't "see", I was very pleased to see that it followed my design perfectly. If there are any flaws, they are mine, not the pattern maker. It is great fun to see my own creations developing before my eyes as I plan them!"

Reviewed by Shelli T. on Jul 25, 2015

"Awesomeness. Making bracelets. I am glad I purchased the program. Saves tons of time designing...more time for weaving kumi."


Reviewed by Joan T. on Jun 20, 2015

"Great program...already have designed and created a bracelet. Thanks so much!"


Reviewed by Elizabeth J. on Apr 14, 2015

"The software is great fun and is really helpful in creating your own designs. It took some iT support to get it running correctly but Heidi was fantastically patient and offered a level of customer support that went above and beyond."


Reviewed by Beverly K. on Mar 29, 2015

"This is going to be so helpful."


Reviewed by Anita C. on Mar 10, 2015

"Very useful program - took a lot of work to develop I'm sure. Clear instructions and video."


Reviewed by Jackie H. on Dec 14, 2014

"I cannot give enough praise to Heidi for the help and support she gave me to talk me through the set up - I had problems at my end with my laptop setup and Heidi sent through extra help to sort me out.
The programme itself is so easy to use, the back up material sent with the programme is well written and explains everything in great detail. I have had great fun just experimenting with designs.
If I could give 10 stars I would!"


Reviewed by Susan S. on Dec 13, 2014

"Seller responded quickly with the registration code. This works nicely with Microsoft Office 365 ... Excel portion. Makes charting a one of a kind or unique beaded braid design a snap. Very pleased."

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