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100% personally beachcombed sea glass. Gently cleaned and hand crafted in to a beautiful creation personally by Heidi of Pacific Patina.

I call this style of bracelet "geode" as it reminds me of a geode rock; plain on one side but a cluster of crystals on the other! The sea glass button was hand drilled and braided into a beaded Kumihimo bracelet. The "geode" side of this bracelet incorporates Czech leaves, daggers, drops and more to create a beautiful and fun piece of art for everyday or special occasion wear.

Size: The bracelet measures 8.25 inches in length and has an internal circumference of 7 inches with the button clasp.

"Geode Style" Sea Glass Button Bracelet

  • The “frosting” on your piece can fade with wear due to contact with oils in the skin. You can clean your sea glass or pottery regularly by washing in mild soapy water. For braided jewelry use a damp cloth on the sea glass or pottery only to avoid wetting the braid. Use a soft toothbrush to gently scrub any marks or grime. If you polish parts of the piece with a soft cloth for jewelry cleaning, avoid rubbing the glass or pottery. Allow plenty of time to air dry before storing.

  • くみひも - Kumihimo “Gathering of Threads”

    Kumihimo is a traditional Japanese form of braid-making that dates back to the Nara period in the 8th century. The art was a closely guarded secret, passed down through oral tradition. Historically it has been used in clothing, religious ceremonies, and for lacing armor and weaponry.

    The repetitions of the braiding process used to create your jewelry are very soothing, similar to the rhythmic sounds of the ocean waves that create sea glass and sea pottery.

    A very natural pairing!

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