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I'm going on a safari and I am bringing Kumihimo!

One of my favorite things to do with my son in California is to go wander the San Diego Zoo: Safari Park in Escondido. So much inspiration! This pattern includes four different animal prints; Giraffe, Cheetah/Leopard, Tiger and Zebra. The giraffe pattern was the stepping stone for this series as they are my son's favorite animal of all time. Giraffe pattern is differing sizes of spots, not a single touching the other, separated by thin tan lines, just like a real giraffe. Tiger pattern differs slightly from Zebra; a bit more orange space between the black stripes as in nature.

The tutorial package is five files and includes:
1. Read Me First - A brief history of Kumihimo, important terminology to know and DIY Kumihimo Weight instructions.
2. Kongo Gumi - Fiber only and beaded instructions
3. Kumihimo Endings – Glue On and Attach a Cone
4. Special Start Kumihimo Ending – Bury a Wire Loop
5. Pattern Specific Supplies and Loading Chart

Kumihimo Safari!: 4 Animal Print Variations

  • This product is delivered digitally. You will be redirected to a download page immediately after purchase:

    • The files will be compressed in a .zip folder. After downloading, please right-click on the "Pacific Patina - Pattern" file and select "Extract All." You can then safely delete the .zip file.
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