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100% personally beachcombed sea pottery. Gently cleaned and hand crafted in to a beautiful creation personally by Heidi of Pacific Patina.

Each Kodiak Sea Star begins by handcrafting the star frame from sturdy 16 gauge wire. Then a "wire cage" is created to hold the sea glass or sea pottery in place. These unique, one of a kind pieces are perfect as sun catchers in a window, an ornament on a Christmas tree or placed anywhere you want to look and smile!

This sea star includes one very thick and large piece of beautiful bonfire white sea glass. The "frosting" of genuine sea glass is fairly thick as well on this piece indicating many decades of tumbling on Jewel Beach in Kodiak, Alaska.

Size: Approximately 4" tall and 3 inches wide

Sea Glass Kodiak Sea Star - Bonfire White

  • Hand wash only. Warm water, mild detergent and a soft brush. Allow to air dry completely before storing.

  • Bonfire Sea glass pieces are truly created by the four classical elements; fire, earth, water, and air.

    • Fire melts the glass.
    • Earth is captured in the molten piece.
    • Water hydrates.
    • Then finally it must be exposed to air to reveal the “frosting” of genuine sea glass.
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