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100% personally beachcombed sea pottery. Gently cleaned and hand crafted in to a beautiful creation personally by Heidi of Pacific Patina.

Each Kodiak Sea Star begins by handcrafting the star frame from sturdy 16 gauge wire. Then a "wire cage" is created to hold the sea glass or sea pottery in place. These unique, one of a kind pieces are perfect as sun catchers in a window, an ornament on a Christmas tree or placed anywhere you want to look and smile!

This sea star includes one very large, very thick piece of spherical dark brown sea glass. The sea glass has a very noticeable indentation where "frosting" did not occur as much, showing how contact with water and tumbling create denser frosting than water only contact. The indentation is likely the result of an air bubble forming near the surface of the glass in a bonfire and the thin layer of glass covering the air bubble was broken or eroded away while tumbling in the surf.

Size: Approximately 4" tall and 3 inches wide

Sea Glass Kodiak Sea Star - Deep Brown Shpere

  • Hand wash only. Warm water, mild detergent and a soft brush. Allow to air dry completely before storing.

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