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100% personally beachcombed sea pottery. Gently cleaned and hand crafted in to a beautiful creation personally by Heidi of Pacific Patina.

Each Kodiak Sea Star begins by handcrafting the star frame from sturdy 16 gauge wire. Then a "wire cage" is created to hold the sea glass or sea pottery in place. These unique, one of a kind pieces are perfect as sun catchers in a window, an ornament on a Christmas tree or placed anywhere you want to look and smile!

This sea star includes a single large piece of sea pottery that can be identified as the bottom of a very thick bowl or plate. Given the thickness of this piece the age may be well over 100 years.

Size: Approximately 4" tall and 3 inches wide

Sea Pottery Kodiak Sea Star - Tan & Green

  • Hand wash only. Warm water, mild detergent and a soft brush. Allow to air dry completely before storing.

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