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Changes, updates, and general chaos!

Yes, it has been quiet. Very, very quiet on my end of things here at Pacific Patina. On the home end it has been anything but quiet!

Wow have things changed! Since our second son was born life has been constantly changing. A husband finishing a college degree, a son transitioning from Montessori to first grade, and a little one going to daycare. Then there is the PCS…

Permanent Change of Station

For those not familiar with military acronyms a PCS means you are getting transferred. The Coast Guard has its advantages when it comes to these big changes. There is a “season.” The Coast Guard does the majority of family transfers in the summer months. Additionally, the majority of Coast Guard tours are four years long.

I always giggle to myself when I or someone else uses the word “tour” in the military context. “Tour” makes me think of getting on a bus and seeing the sights while on vacation. Tour can mean slightly different things depending on the branch of service but for us it’s a short word for staying in one place for a longer time.

Welcome (back) to Oregon!

We made it to Astoria this year! AKA, Goonieville. Astoria, OR and the entire Oregon Coast has a special place in my heart. I grew up visiting the beautiful coastline here while living in McMinnville, OR and Vancouver, WA.

As happy as I was to know we were moving, there is chaos every time and this time there was no exception. Things have greatly calmed in the past month and we are settling in to a new norm. Both boys are busy in daycare and school and I am close to starting a career again. With our new housing being much smaller and our boys continuing to grow I had to make a difficult decision with the move.

The physical part of Pacific Patina is on hiatus, in boxes, in the garage. It fills me with depression and anxiety at times but it is necessary.

I am still here and the website is still here! However, I simply do not have the space or time to create as I did before. That won’t stop me from shopping and trying to create a little bit though. I’m off to eyeball beads and possibly create something beautiful before I start my new job next week!

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